Inventory Widgets

Refer to the links on the left for more details on how to use these widgets. Additionally, you can test them out, play around with their data-attribute configurations and interactive with them in realtime in a Storybook sandbox here:

Quick Inventory Search Widget

The Quick Inventory Search Widget allows you to create a starting point for a users booking journey allowing them to select a quantity and performance date from a list of available options.

Inventory Search Summary Widget

Can be used in conjunction with our seating chart or product selection widget to summarise a current inventory search.

Calendar Widget

The Calendar Widget can be embedded on your site to display available dates and from prices (or show times) for a specific show or attraction.

Full Fat Summary Widget

The Full Fat summary widget displays a neat container of product information, designed to accompany the Full Fat calendar widget. It is useful to help indicate exactly which product is being view in the calendar.

Full Fat Ticket Time Slot Widget

The Full Fat timeslot widget provides functionality to select the time of an attraction or event (note that shows are not fully supported by this widget, and time selection for a show is typically done directly on the full fat calendar widget itself).

Full Fat Ticket Types Widget

The Full Fat ticket types widget allows customers to select the number of tickets they want, broken down by "ticket types" - i.e. for an adult, child or concession ticket. This functionality is only available for attractions or events.