Venue & Location Widgets (including seating charts)

Refer to the links on the left for more details on how to use these widgets. Additionally, you can test them out, play around with their data-attribute configurations and interact with them in real time in a Storybook sandbox here:

Seat Plan widget

The Seat Plan widget provides a simple way for you to embed a fully interactive seat plan, allowing your customers to visualise their seats in the venue and select their desired seats for a performance.

Seat List widget

The Seat List widget allows your customers to choose their desired seats for a performance, using a simple list view. This is useful in cases where we might not have a fully interactive seat plan available for the venue, or where a basic list might be preferred.

Seat Thumbnail widget

The Seat Plan Thumbnail widget displays seat plan image for a given venue.

Seat Summary widget

The Seat Summary widget displays details of selected seats.

Seat Attribute widget

The Seat Attribute widget displays various attributes for a given set of seats.