Advanced Checkout Integration

There are a number of advanced configuration options that we are able to offer to selected partners. For specialist use cases we may able to offer additional integration options. Please contact your account manager for more details.

Using a Custom Domain (CNAME)

By default each instance of the TTG White Label and Checkout run as a subdomain of (eg. We are able to create a custom CNAME so that the White Label and Checkout are available on a URL such as This is a managed process, our team will work with you to configure the DNS records and enable this feature.

Sending email booking confirmations and barcodes

Out of the box the TTG Checkout is configured to automatically send booking confirmations and barcodes directly to users. If you would prefer to handle this directly we are able to suppress confirmation emails. Note that this is on a per account basis - we can enable and disable confirmation emails across all products. This is a managed process, our team can configure this feature on our behalf.

Redirecting to a custom confirmation page

The TTG Checkout includes an out of the box confirmation page that can be styled in line with the rest of the White Label and Checkout experience. It is possible to enable a custom redirect that allows you to redirect users back to your website on completion of a purchase.

In addition to redirecting the user we are able to append the booking reference and checksum value which can be used to retrieve the booking details (see below).

supplierIdA static value in all redirects to identify a TTG booking (useful for integrators who use multiple suppliers)
referenceThe TTG booking reference for this transaction
checksumAn associated checksum 'password' which can be used to retrieve the booking

As an example a typical redirect URL could be:{reference}&password={checksum}

Fetching realtime booking details via an API call

To retrieve the full details of a customers booking you can use the checkout/getBooking API. See the API reference for details.

Adding Google Tag Manager (GTM)

We can add a Google Tag Manager (GTM) container to your White Label and Checkout pages. To do this we need a GTM container ID (starting GTM-). Adding a GTM key is a managed process. It is possible to add conversion tracking to your GTM container, see the integration guide here.