The first step for most of our API integrators is our Content Service. Our content APIs returns information for one or multiple products and venues. Our partnerships team work with every partner to ensure we have the most up to date; information, copy and images for each product. Our set-up teams then work diligently to upload and update these across every event. These APIs allow you to access this information instantly.

The Content Data:

Content is partner-specific, meaning you'll get the products that you want/need. Any responses will be tailored based on the request headers (affiliateId or x-tt-retailer). To get these headers please contact your account manager.

Products Endpoint

Our content list endpoint provides you with information for all products made available to you. This can be filtered by product type (show or attraction).

  • product ID
  • productName
  • venue ID
  • venue Name
  • delivery Method
  • performance dates
  • from price (lowest price available)
  • and more - see example response in API sample page

You can use the product ID to access further endpoints.

Products Detail Endpoint

The content details endpoint provides you with more detailed data for a product of your choosing:

  • product descriptions (copy)
  • important info ( including age restriction)
  • venue details
  • images (poster images in portrait, landscape & square format and production images)
  • videos
  • categories/genres
  • critic's quotes
  • similar products
  • offers and discount information (to be made available in due course)
  • available performances
  • and more see example response in API sample page

Venue Information

All information around the venue lives within the Conent service enpoints.

Details include:

  1. Venue Name
  2. Venue Details
    1. Description (optional)
    2. Address
    3. Coordinates (optional)
    4. Transport links (optional)

Other endpoints

You can also get more specific data from our 'similar products' and 'location endpoint'. Similar products will give you a quick snapshot of other shows a customer might like (the information also lives within the product details endpoint). And location allows you to see what other global markets you can access. Please note you will need to talk with your account manager before accessing further locations.