The Basket Service provides useful APIs and widgets to handle basket-related functionality. This includes creating a basket and adding reservation line items to it, updating a basket, removing items from a basket and also applying promo codes (vouchers) to a basket.

Basket Structure

The following diagram depicts the structure of a basket:


Each entity is described as follows:

  • Basket
    This level contains information such as the basket reference (e.g. TTG123456789), channel Id (your affiliate id), and which currency the basket uses (e.g. GBP or USD).
  • Reservation
    This entity contains information about the product and performance, which has been added to the basket.
    • the product Id
    • venue Id,
    • product type (e.g. SHW)
    • performance date
    • quantity of seats.
    • It also contains information about product prices
    • (if applicable) the amount of discount applied to the reservation.
  • Item
    This contains information about the reserved seats for a particular performance. For example;
    • block Id (e.g. DC),
    • block name (e.g. CIRCLE),
    • row (e.g. G)
    • seat number (this might also include a seat "location", instead of specific seat numbers, in cases where you cannot book particular seats; common with Broadway shows
  • Delivery
    This contains information about the delivery method used for the basket
  • Promotions
    This refers to discounts applied to basket reservations, based on live promotions. Promotions can have different rules for when they can be applied. For example, a promotion might only be applicable to a specific show (e.g. £10 off Lion King), or can only be applied when a minimum price is reached (e.g. spend more than £100 to get 10% off).



Promotions can be applied using a coupon code (e.g. BLACKFRIDAY2019) or automatically, when the items in the basket fulfil the criteria of a promotion. There is also the concept of "missed promotions" - this can be used to return messaging for your customers when they get close to triggering a promotion (e.g. if they have £95 worth of items in their basket and there is a promotion to get 10% off if they spend £100, a missed promotion message might be "Spend £100 to get 10% off").

If you want to setup a promotion, please contact us and we can work with you to configure suitable promotions for your audience.